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UV Tanning
Introducing BLUSH Tanning!

Grand River Tanning Salon is dedicated to providing highly maintained laydown beds and stand up booths for you to achieve your best and safest tan. Our certified skin care consultants are always available for advice on how to maintain or reach your next tanning level. 

What is BLUSH Tanning?

With a combination of UV and Red light, these are sun lamps with skincare in mind! This happens by stimulating more oxygen and increasing blood flow, each session will help improve your overall appearance. Not only will you get your bronzed glow, our BLUSH lamps will also help to produce longer, gentler tanning results. While the UVB helps boost both melanin and Vitamin D production you will also receive red light benefits.

Red Light stimulates collagen and helps to restore your skins youthful appearance. 



  • 8 minute maximum high powered, no sweat stand up booth with BLUSH lamps

  • 10 minute maximum high powered, no sweat stand up booth with BLUSH lamps

  • 12 minute maximum high powered lay-down bed with 4 facials, shoulder and side tanners 


Our skin care consultants are Smart Tan trained and certified in:


UV Light Administration

The Smart Tan Skin Type System

Sunburn Prevention and Skin Care

Protective Eyewear Usage

Smart Salon Sanitation



Single Tan                                                              $18.00

5 Session Tan Package                                          $80.00*

10 Session Tan Package                                        $150.00*

15 Session Tan Package                                      $195.00*

30 Day Unlimited Package                                    $90.00

* Expires 1 year from date of purchase

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