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Teeth Whitening

 One Hour Teeth Whitening


How long will the results last?

Results usually last 3-6 months depending on teeth structure, hygiene and oral habits.

How many sessions will I need?

Usually only one appointment is needed. This appointment is 60 minutes of light therapy broken up into 3x 15 minute sessions. In some cases another appointment is needed due

to heavy staining or a thicker enamel, this will be discussed at your appointment.

How much of a difference will I see?

It's hard to say as everyone is different but usual results are 2-12 shades brighter. We do guarantee results however, we cannot predict how white your teeth will become.

Does it hurt?

Whitening will not hurt your teeth and if you already have sensitive teeth this will not enhance that sensitivity. A remineralizer is applied after your treatment which coats and protects teeth to prevent sensitivity. We also offer red light for those that do have extra sensitive teeth.


I have crowns/veneers/fillings on my front teeth, can I whiten?

Yes, although restorations cannot be whitened like natural teeth. They do however accumulate surface stain that can be removed by whitening.

How often can I have the procedure completed?

Every 3-6 months depending on your daily oral habits.

Each session is 60 minutes - by appointment


1 Hour Treatment - $220

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