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fit Booster Spray - fit Bodywrap

FIT Booster Spray


With a light luxurious feel, this 360° spray is a scientifically formulated anti-cellulite and slimming infusion. Its potent ingredients help to enhance microcirculation, reduce cellulite, stimulate the breakdown of fat, inhibit the accumulation of new fat, and activate detoxification. This moisture intensive solution will also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


FIT Booster is the key enhancement to all FIT Bodywrap sessions and the perfect daily treatment.

Available in a 2oz size and an 8oz value bottle.

 Shibue® No-Line Strapless Panty

Shibue Couture is the creator of the first and only Strapless Panty.

Say goodbye to panty lines forever! 

- The Strapless Panty is held in place by a washable and reusable silicone gel adhesive across top front and top back of the panty.
- A storage liner is supplied to protect the adhesive while the panty is not being worn. 
- Wear underneath form fitting dresses, slinky gowns, or with anything else. 
- The Strapless Panty not only solves the pesky panty line problem, it is extremely comfortable!

Available Colours: Black & Nude 

How to Wear:

Clean and dry your skin. 
Do not use any lotions, oils, powders, or fragrances on the area of application.
1. Remove the silicone adhesive backings.
2. Position the front of the panty in the desired area and press firmly onto your skin.
3. Wrap the panty through your legs and press in place above your tailbone. 

Directions for removal and care: 
1. Peel the panty from your skin.
2. Hand wash the panty and the adhesive with a mild soap and lay flat to dry.
3. Once dry place the protective liner on the silicone adhesive to protect it from lint, dust, and other particles

Shibue No-Line Strapless Panty, panty, no lines, invisible underwear, no show underwear

 Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt


Visibly removes dead skin instantly

Uniquely woven fabric design

Healthy skin revealed instantly using mitt and water only - no chemicals

Reduces ingrown hairs, bumps and clogged pores

Smoothes skin surface for even tanning and self-tanning products

USE EVERY TWO WEEKS - Lasts up to 6 months!

Exfoliate, self tanneDermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt,

Self Tanning Products

Venetian-Self-Tanning, Mousse,cosmetic bronzer, mousse, self tanner, violet bronzer blend



This velvety mousse is created with VIO-7, a unique blend of anti-orange bronzer pigments, designed to counter an unwanted orange undertone for a natural-looking tan. This Product is so easy to apply and it's sure to give you that perfect glow you're looking for!

This exotic, lightweight, velvety sunless mousse for home use, features a unique combination of violet and brown tone bronzers. Devised to mimic skin colors found on the beautiful beaches of the European Riviera, this purposeful and ground-breaking formulation allows color to appear deeper, darker, and with no signs of an unnatural orange color.

Fragrance:  Paradise Breeze