Airbrush SprayTanning - Before & After Care


Before Your Spray Tan
  • Your spray tan will last you about 5-7 days and you will look your best for the first four days. That means if you are tanning for a special event, you should schedule your spray tan for one to two days before your event

  • Exfoliate your skin about 24 hours prior to your sunless tanning application to smooth skin for even tanning results

  • Shave, wax or sugaring should be done about 24 hours prior to your sunless tanning session

  • Shower as close to your spray tan appointment as possible, but do not exfoliate or use any harsh soaps on the same day as your tan. This helps the skin to be nice and clean making it easier for the spray to absorb into your skin

  • Do NOT moisturize, wear deodorant, perfume/cologne or makeup to your sunless tanning session.  Lotions, deodorant, perfume/cologne and makeup can create barriers, preventing the absorption of sunless tanning solutions and products

  • Wear or bring dark, loose-fitting clothes to your appointment.  The sunless solution washes out of most clothing, but the immediate cosmetic bronzer could transfer to lighter clothes, giving a temporary discoloration until they are washed

During & After your Spray Tan
  • When sprayed, you may wear what makes you feel comfortable. Clothing is optional if you don't want any tan lines. However, for those under 18 years old or for male clients who are sprayed by a female technician, clothing must be worn.

  • Light blonde and platinum hair may be temporarily discolored as our technician feathers the spray lightly into the hairline to give a natural tan effect. Discoloration of the hair will typically disappear after the hair is washed the first time after the sunless process. We provide hair caps if you wish to minimize any temporary discoloration.

  • After your sunless tanning application, wait around 12-24 hours before you shower or wear anything tight 

  • Do not moisturize until after your first shower. This could effect the immediate reaction of the sunless solution on the skin and cause streaking

  • Do not come in contact with water until after your first shower, it could effect the immediate reaction of the sunless solution. Also, keep in mind that chlorine and salt water will dry your skin and cause your sunless tan to fade faster.

  • Wait to exercise until after your first shower. Excessive perspiration could effect the immediate reaction of the sunless solution on the skin

  • Do not exfoliate for at least 48 hours after your sunless tanning application.  If you do exfoliate, remember to do it gently and evenly to preserve an even sunless tan

Other Spray Tan Considerations
  • You will see colour wash off during your first shower, this is normal. What you see washing off is the cosmetic bronzer. What is left is your beautiful sunless tan

  • Moisturize your skin every time after you shower to maintain your beautiful sunless colour

  • The skin does not always fade evenly everywhere, which sometimes leads to some spots having more color than others. You can even out results with a prolong product that contains sunless colour which you can purchase at the salon.

  • Remember to wear sunscreen. Spray tans do not contain a sunscreen or protect you from the sun like a UV tan