FIT Bodywrap - By Appointment Only

Enjoy the benefits of a FIT Bodywrap session while reading a book, watching TV or even taking a nap in just 1 hour! Our dual action bodywrap system works using far infrared heat therapy and our FIT Booster Spray.

What Does the FIT Bodywrap Do?

FIT Bodywrap targets penetrating Far Infrared Heat to literally melt away fat and toxins, relieve pain, increase the metabolism and burn calories while you simply relax.


We recommend a minimum of 5 sessions to be done within 24-48 hours between each session for optimal results.  However, you may want to continue with maintenance sessions or do some extra sessions for further results. 


Each session is 60 minutes by appointment only


Single fit Session - $55

5 Session fit Package - $250 (Expires in 12 months from date of purchase)

10 Session fit Package - $450 (Expires in 12 months from date of purchase)

12 Sessions in 4 Weeks Package - $420 (Expires in 30 days from date of purchase)

40 Session fit Package - $1000 (Expires in 120 days {approx. 4 months} from date of purchase)

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